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Agency Portfolio

I am an award-winning film and digital video director, cinematographer, and editor, with a background in journalism, and more than 20 years of experience in the communications field.

In the course of my career, I have produced hundreds of videos advancing the missions of educational, nonprofit and corporate clients. 


At the root of our industry is an ancient practice: the art of storytelling. Whether directing a feature-length documentary, producing a digital video, crafting a unique marketing message, or honing a ten-second elevator speech, a compelling story remains the constant core of the communications field.

Production Reel

Over my career I have produced dozens of documentaries and hundreds of agency videos. Here is an overview of my skills and styles.

New Moon Rugs

Client: New Moon Rugs

Role: Producer / Editor / Post Producion

New Moon Rugs needed a video that showcases the artistry, history, and legacy of this family-owned company which set the standard for creative innovation and ethical production of Tibetan rugs. I worked with stunning footage provided by the client in order to bring their story to life. 

What's Your Number?

Agency: Milk Street Marketing

Client: The Somers Team

Role: Director / Producer

The Somers Team wanted something fresh and fun to bolster their growing real estate business in Philadelphia. I worked with my good friend Ron Bauman at Milk Street Marketing to deliver this 30-second spot.

Always Villa

Agency: Milk Street Marketing

Client: Villa Joseph Marie High School 

Role: Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Post Production

Villa Joseph Marie High School wanted a video that captures its vibrant community of learners who are committed to academic exploration and excellence. Working with Milk Street Marketing, we delivered this heartwarming salute.

The Somers Team: Brewerytown

Agency: Milk Street Marketing

Client: The Somers TEam

Role: Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Post Production

The Somers Team asked the Milk Street Marketing team to profile a host of Philadelphia neighborhoods to give new arrivals some insight into the city of Brotherly Love. 

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